Participant Feedback

Before and after our trainings we provide participants with a survey to gauge how their perceptions of consent, dating violence, and interpersonal violence may change. In the first part of the survey we had them rate their level of agreement to eight statements.

Next, we had participants rate their level of preparedness.

We also gathered information on how participants agreed/disagreed with the following statements:

After the presentation we asked our attendees how they felt about our presentation.

Lastly we asked them to indicate to what extent they thought the training was...


Some of the feedback we have received:

"Great examples and scenarios with coordinators who really seem to love what they do!"

"Everybody needs to see this!"

"Very helpful in figuring out the right thing to do in sticky situations."

"Great job by both. The different scenarios were good. By pointing out different scenarios/red flags, it gave a good idea/image that it is not just black and white."

"It was very informative with identifying the warning signs and how to enter and address the current situation."


We have compared our survey results to our goals to see how we can improve our programs, but more specifically gear our programs to efficiently address our campus’ views on dating violence.