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RFE Testimonials

Interested In Becoming A Red Flag Educator? See What Our Past and Current Educators Are Saying About Their Experience:

"Joining the Red Flag Campaign is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel a sense of family when I’m with the group. I was hesitant about joining the group because sometimes I can be shy, and standoffish. I immediately clicked with everyone. It’s so nice to know that there are people out there that think the same way you do, and are passionate about the same things as you; things that really matter. I enjoy teaching people to be active bystanders. It is my passion to end interpersonal and relationship violence and really help people understand what a healthy relationship is. Everyone deserves happiness."

"I found out about the Red Flag Campaign from a friend of mine who was an educator at the time. While I wasn't too keen on public speaking, I decided to apply because I'm very passionate about the things the Red Flag Educators bring light to. I've been an educator going on 3 years now, and I'm not at all hesitant to say that applying was 100% the right decision. I've come out of my shell, learned so much, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. There's something extremely special about this group of people, and it's so great to have others to share your passions with."

"I joined the Red Flag Campaign to learn more about interpersonal violence and to get involved in a better purpose on campus. In the short time I’ve been involved with this amazing group, I’ve learned more than I thought possible. I’ve gained crucial knowledge regarding rape culture and sexual assault awareness which has reformed my previous viewpoints into more encompassing and compassionate ones. My co- presenters have taught me that a strong support group can mean more than anyone would think possible. I will be forever grateful for this group and all of the things we were able to educate people on and all of the things we’ve learned from others along the way."

"Being a part of the Red Flag Educators group has been one of the greatest aspects of my college career so far. The Red Flag Campaign is able to accomplish so much and effect real change here on Appalachian's campus, which makes me proud to be a part of something so great. The work that the Red Flag Educators do is so important and valuable to our campus, as well as our society as a whole."

"Red Flag Educators has made my life so much better. This is a group of genuine and passionate people who want to end interpersonal and sexual violence through education. I've learned so much about myself and about the world from being in this group. Getting to educate people and have conversations around interpersonal violence is always interesting and informative."

"Being a Red Flag Educator, I have learned, on a more critical level, an understanding of interpersonal violence and sexual violence as a major issue, especially in a college climate. I have been exposed to a variety of resources around prevention through interpersonal violence, and a better understanding of the connections between power and control and interpersonal violence. I also like to think that I have contributed towards empowering the student community to break through the discomfort and be active bystanders who intervene in situations of violence."

"Last semester when I began interning for the Red Flag Campaign the first thing I noticed about the educators was how knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate they were about ending sexual violence. Little did I know that that this campaign would become just as special to me as well. I am proud to be a part of this elite group and have a chance to give back to the Mountaineer community."

"I joined Red Flag to surround myself with people that understand that changing the world shouldn't be something "that person" is going to do. Changing the world is something that is in everyone and you can choose to sit by and let that feeling go or you can take a stand and make a difference. It may be one small step, joining an organization like Red Flag, but it's a small step that will impact many others. It's also a stepping stone - who knows where it'll lead you. Passion is a strong force and if it is at the forefront of your personality to show people your passion, then you are that much stronger than the people who have a passion that they don't act on."

"What I love about the Red Flag Campaign is how a variety of people from different backgrounds and varying interests have come together under this organization sharing at least one thing: the passion and drive to raise awareness about and stop sexual violence."

"Being an educator has allowed me to help promote the type of environment that I think everyone would benefit from being a part of. I've gotten the opportunity to work with a group of people who are passionate about something that matters to me. As a part of this group I promote a safe environment and basic human rights. Simply being able to work towards something of that importance to me gives me a sense of purpose. With this group of people surrounding me I actually have a system of people that support the same goals as I do. The support alone is worth it but I feel very strongly about the people who work with me to represent controversial issues."

"Even when circumstances are trying and seem hopeless, being a part of the RFC as an Educator has helped me to see light in the world in the most unexpected, yet most glorious, ways. I am changed for the better in all aspects because of my time with the RFC."

"My time as a red flag educator has helped me effectively connect with my peers on topics that are less than easy to talk about. I have found that it is possible to make a difference through educating ourselves and each other on how to become an active bystander. I cannot stress how important it is to say something when you see something. Being a part of red flag has given me a chance to share my passion for ending violence and help others learn how to do the same."

"I have greatly enjoyed my time as an educator. It has given me a sense of purpose on ASU's campus. Red flag has allowed me to fight against sexual assault on campus, which is an issue very important to me."

"Red flag has given me strength through my college career because I have always noticed these situations but no one would see them as a problem. This campaign has brought to light things people need to be talking about, situations that need to be stopped. It has made Appalachian a more enlightened campus and I feel has stopped these situations from happening."