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Steps to Becoming an Active Bystander:

There are many barriers between knowing you shouldsay something and then actually saying something. It’s important to identify those barriers so we can break them down and learn how to overcome them. Being an Active Bystander means that if you see a Red Flag, you will say something, instead of just letting it slide. A passive bystander hears a friend say something off-base, but chooses to ignore it. An Active Bystander says something. This might sound easy, but it can actually be quite tricky – because being an Active Bystander is not just about one decision.

Any situation that threatens physical harm to yourself or another student should be assessed carefully. Call the police if you need help to defuse the situation.

We encourage you to come to one of our Tiered Red Flag Campaign trainings that are facilitated by our Red Flag Educators to learn more about being an active bystander.

To find more information about student health and safety visit: APPCARES